Theories About The Disappearance Of MH370 That Will Make You Go WTF!!


The mystery of the missing flight 370 is so intriguing that no one wants to leave any stone unturned in conjuring ideas and reasoning out the possibilities. It is not only appalling to witness such a tragic event, but with the occurrence of such mysterious tragic event it also gives birth to several conspiracy theories.  Here, are some zany conjectures that will surprise and shock you.

1. Pilot Suicide because of a bad marriage?! WTF!
Crazy rumors were making the rounds that the pilot’s marriage was on the rocks.  Owing to his fragile and disturbed mental frame, he must have erred, lost control over the flight and this could have resulted in a tragic event. However, a close friend of the pilot cleared the air that all was well between the pilot and his wife and there was no trouble in paradise that could have caused the tragedy.

2. For the love of  technology
As ludicrous as it sounds, there is a teeny weeny possibility that the plane could have been deliberately destroyed to ashes in the pursuit of a patent. A retired Delta Airlines pilot speculates that the random and mysterious disappearance of the plane could be an attempt to steal the technology. The engineers had applied for a patent but not received yet.

3. Malaysia’s former Prime minister’s take on the missing flight
When everyone is playing the guessing game, why should the Prime Minister be left out? Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad brought the CIA into picture. In his words, he said “Airplanes don’t just disappear. For some reason the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA. I hope my readers will read this.”

4. When an orchestrated plan falls flat on its face
This theory suggests that the plane could have been hijacked. However, the plan to kill the passengers on board must have back fired, leading to the death of the passengers and the hijackers as well.

5. Flight 370 hid under the shadow of another plane and escaped?!
According to an avid aviation blogger, flight 370 must have hid in the radar shadow of Singapore Airlines flight 68 which was in the vicinity. While the Singapore Airlines flew off to Spain, the Malaysian flight must have branched off either into Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan, or Turkmenistan.
6. Stolen by terrorists!
Another zany and quirky story explaining the mysterious disappearance is the plane could possibly be stolen by terrorists to launch an attack. The plane could have made a safe landing and gotten a face lift with a new transponder and refueled before it makes an attack. This sounds bizarre. Doesn’t it?
7. Extra-terrestrial touch?
A few months before the flight took off; there were reports of a few UFO sightings near the spot where the plane took off. If this is true, then it spells ‘trouble’ for us. It could mean we can witness unusual happenings where flights take off and never return without leaving behind any debris.

8. Time slip
Another theory suggests the plane must have entered an unknown zone and experienced a time slip. This theory speculates that the aircraft could have escaped into another dimension unknown to human kind.
9. Magic of Invisibility
Owing to the fact that 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductor, a company that develops “cloaking” technology, were onboard the MH370 when it went missing, some have hypothesized that the plane must have been turned invisible by them and landed somewhere.

While there are these preposterous and queer factoids, there are also some expert opinions to explain the mystery behind the missing flight.

1. Black Hole
According to few experts there is a possibility that the flight may have been consumed by a black hole.

2. Meteor Strike
The possibility of a plane being hit by a meteor is extremely low, but the chances cannot be ruled out.
3. Sabotage (Who turned off the transponders?)
Given that the communication transponders were turned off deliberately, it makes one easily believe the theory of sabotage. Someone on board must have changed the plane’s course and masked its location from the radar.
4. High-tech Hijacking
The flight could have been subject to a cyber-hijack. They could have hacked the flights computer and altered the speed, altitude and direction. The woman who suggested this possibility runs her own company training businesses and governments to counter terrorist attacks, so we may not want to rule out this possibility.