Things Men Do After Getting Drunk!


A few drinks down and the whole metamorphosis of the male species goes in to a tizzy. We decided to take a look and what men do when intoxicated, and while to many this might seems idiotic or scandalous; we have to admit that this is the gist of why people drink in the first place.

1. Find A Mirror And Check Yourself Out!!

2. Somehow Their Head And Electric Poles Seem to Have A Magnetic Reaction!!

3. The Next Day!!

4. …And Finally When  An The Argument Goes Overboard

5. When Someone States That You Are Drunk

6. Has No Idea Why The Steps Are Moving

7. Do Something You Wouldn’t Even Dream Of While Sober

8. Have No Clue Of How To Dance Yet Steals The Floor!!

9. Grocery Shopping!!

10. Just Can’t Reach His Car

11. Decorate Their Fallen Friends

12. Any Surface Becomes A Dancefloor

13. Never Ends Up Sleeping Where Intended

14. Passes Out In The Most Precarious Position

15. Tipped Over By Almost Nothing

16. Make Eye-Hand Co-Ordination Look Almost Impossible

17. Attempt To Walk The Line