If You Think All Restaurants Are The Same Then These Will Blow Your Mind


The regular table chair dining with peaceful ambience is too conventional for some people around the World, instead they have taken their dining experience to your wildest fantasy. Let’s forget the food served in these places and just concentrate on the theme and experience they have chosen for their diners , from eating off naked women to sucking off syringes, im sure before this article, would you have thought of a dining experience like this. Still like your peaceful dining ways or would you rather give these bizarre restaurants a shot?? I would, thumbs up if you would too.

1. Wanna eat here ?? Come naked!

2. The Toilet Restaurant: Eat everything off toilet accessories

3. Sushi off a naked girl in Nyotaimori, Japan

4. The Vampire Café, Tokyo, Japan

5. Dining with the dead in Ahmedabad, India. The restaurant is built around a cemetery.

6. Flying Chickens and waiters on one wheel in Bangkok.

7. Of chopsticks and syringes, this restaurant in Tokyo will creep you out.

8. Alcatraz E.R. – Medical Prison Restaurant

9. Ninja Akasaka – Ninja Theme Restaurant

10. The Destruction Restaurant in Spain
The entire restaurant shakes with the force of a simulated earthquake. Patrons are not warned beforehand.

11. Opaque (Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco)
Darkness. Patrons are led into a pitch black dining room and served food they can’t see.Nothing to distract you from the taste of the food.

12. Cabbages and Condoms, Bangkok
Food is served under the glow of light fixtures decorated with condoms. Visitors are also handed complimentary condoms

13. Kayabukiya Tavern: A place where monkey’s serve you

14. D.S. Music Restaurant, Taiwan
Instead of music, you can expect syringes, medicine and IV drips hanging from the ceiling of this hospital themed dining establishment. Once inside the restaurant, diners order ‘medicine’ from a menu, which is served from a drip at the table and the drinks are served from IV-like contraptions. Answer questions, get them right and get a lap dance.

15. Silent Dining

16. Half-warehouse dining experience at Maltby, London.

17. Bed Supper Club- No seats, only beds to dine on at this place.

18. Buns and guns
Buns And Guns was a military-themed restaurant in Beirut, Lebanaon, with military decor, recorded gunfire sounds, and dishes with names like “Rocket-Propelled Grenade” (chicken on a skewer), Terrorist, etc. Because meals always taste a little better if you think it could be your last.

19. Heart attack grill
With burgers called single, double, triple bypass and patrons eating in hospital gowns this is definitely a bizarre dining experience. The guy who owns the place says the idea is to shock the patrons into realizing how unhealthy their eating habits have become…. Hummmmm

20. Hitler’s Cross
The Hitler’s Cross is a famous café located in Mumbai, India. It takes on the Third Reich theme quite seriously and even displays prominently the swastika in the restaurant’s logo. However, because of the intense pressure from Israeli and German diplomats and the ADL, the restaurant’s name was later changed to “The Cross.”