What Do You Think You Will See When You Die? Think It May Be Something Like This?


Where do we go after we die? This is a question that has troubled most of us at some point or the other in our life. Is it good, bad or ugly up there? How does it feel to be sitting up their looking at the not so fortunate souls? There have been some people who have had a near death experience, went into the mouth of death and come back alive. This is what they experienced in that brief fleeting moment.

1. Stars
They witnessed the sparkling stars and became one themselves. They had the good fortune of knowing how it is to be a part of the cosmos. All their lives they have lived as the insignificant in comparison to the majestic awe-inspiring constellation. And suddenly, they were the awe-inspiring constellation.

2. Peace
They prefer to call it the ‘Inner-peace’. That feeling when nothing mattered, when they didn’t give a care about anything. Sublime feeling surrounded their body and they became peace.

3. Guiding Light
The light that guides the otherwise lost soul. When there was no direction, it was this eye soring light that directed them to the place they had to be.

Image Source: nccg.org

4. God’s waiting Room
They transcended this transient world to go on a fantastical expedition of the universe. But all the best things come with a waiting period. They were questioned, scrutinized and evaluated on their deeds which they left behind in the mortal world. Entry was strictly permitted to those who were right in the God’s book.

5. Stairway to Heaven
That was their best walk they ever took. It was long, tiresome and exhilarating. But when they reached the END, they knew they were in heaven!

6. Closure
They were jaded, exhausted and spent. They needed a venting and had experienced just that. They were free from all the baggage they were carrying.

7. Met Their Soul Mate
And they re-united in Heaven! They met their significant other who they could not meet in this physical world. And the world was only rosy from then.

8. Loved Ones
They saw their near and dear ones mourning near their death bed. They could see how their family wept for them and reached out to them. This was the reason they returned back to the temporal world.

9. Freedom
They felt liberated from all emotions. They felt no happiness, sadness, greed, jealousy, hatred, or even love. No attachments whatsoever. They had conquered all the gamut of emotions.

10. Heaven itself?
That must be such an out-of-the body experience! They had experienced the inexplicable.