Tired Of The Regular Luxury Hotels? These 15 Hotels Might Spice Things Up A Bit For You


Normally we’d prefer our hotels to be beautiful and luxurious. But sometimes people need a little bit of novelty to keep things interesting. Who would want to stick with the mundane when you can feel liberated by these whimsical creations? sure we can get behind the allure of quirky establishments like the kumbuk hotel in srilanka that resembles an elephant from afar…but we refuse to feel inclined towards a hotel constructed to resemble a human intestine, that’s downright disturbing to say the least…and it’s not the only one…these structures would make you wonder who in their right mind would live in that? Here are some of the wackiest hotels in the world

1. Propeller island city lodge, Berlin, Germany
Fancy sleeping like the dead anyone?

Image Source: topito.com

2. The fold-up hotel-Eindhoven, Netherlands
Fold up couch is the thing of the past; just take a look at this

Image Source: news.com.au

3. Colon hotel-Belgium
Sounds like something out of Hannibal lectors dreams

4. La villa hamster-Nantes, France
Experience a day as a hamster

5. Sala silvermine underground suite-Vastmanland, Sweden
Not for the claustrophobic

6. Kumbuk hotel- srilanka
It’s a bird, it’s a plane nope it’s an elephant

7. Earth ship biotecture-New Mexico
Live like a Martian with Wi-Fi and satellite TV

8. Hang Nga guesthouse-Dalat, Vietnam
Aptly named the crazy house, this structure will do just that if you were striving to make sense of it…

9. Mirror cube tree hotel-Sweden
A tree house to put all the others to shame

Image Source: bjoerklunda.de

10. Das park hotel- Austria
So that’s what a room in a drainage pipe looks like

11. Ice hotel-Sweden
Frost bites anyone??

12. Dog bark park inn-Cottonwood,
Witness the epitome of quirks. Wonder what made them do that?

Image Source: spanishdict.com

13. Tianzi hotel-China
Said to be the biggest image hotels in the world. And we concur

Image Source: popularmechanics.com

14. Sandcastle hotel-Weymouth, UK
If you’re a fan of sand in your trousers this is just the thing for you

15. Godiva chocolate suite-New York
Everything made out of chocolate is equal to every chocolate lovers dream come true!