Top 10 Reasons Why Men Prefer Older Women!


Like wine, women age better with time. There is something so quintessentially feminine about older women that they appear desirable to the younger blokes who are left with their tongues waggling after a taste of their caliber. Here are top 10 reasons why men find it hard to resist dating a woman relatively older than themselves.

1. They Are Independent
Older women avoid putting pressure on the men they date. Be it moving in, or fixing on a wedding date or even making babies. They are mostly looking at just enjoying the ‘state of being in a relationship’ than rushing to settle down.

2. Experience Counts
They sure know what they exactly want in bed and have no hesitation in controlling their man under the sheets.

3. They Have Nothing To Lose
Older women aren’t coy about making the first move, rather than wait for the man, (which might take a while) they approach him, leaving their man weak in the knees with their sense of dominance.

4. Men Dig The Mature Look
Older women are graceful and elegant with their visible charming smile lines.

5. They Have Their Priorities Cut-Out
Strong, bold & confident. Older Women know exactly what they want; the man in their life does not become their number one priority and most men prefer this.

6. Looks Is Not Everything
They are so much more than the glossy exterior. Decking up is not the be all and end all for them. They are more nurturing and a stabilizing force in your life.

7. With Age Comes Less Chatter
They listen more than they talk. You can also turn to them to seek advice.

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8. Party With A Different Perspective
Partying with an older woman gives you a whole new perspective. Grinding on a dance floor, getting drunk out of their skull and passing out in the wash room is not exactly their idea of partying. They prefer holding hands and intellectual talks while sipping on expensive wine.

9. Financially Stable
Dates with older women are interesting. They make meaningful conversation and they don’t mind skipping the mush. Their fiercely independent nature will even make them reach out for the bill.

10. Non-Intrusive
Want to date and still be free as a bird? Dating an older woman gives you best of both the worlds. Older women will give you your freedom and personal space unlike young girls who are too pushy and intrusive.