These Torture Devices Will Make You Feel Sick! Such BRUTALITY?!?!


Torture is something that has been with us since time in memorial but over the years it has taken many forms. The creativity used in inflicting suffering on another human is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand and make you feel like throwing up. This ‘creativity’ or brutality has often seen the creation of some absolutely horrendous methods of torturing another human and this is a list of some of the worst methods ever used.

1. Breast Ripper

This tool became popular in the 15th century. The metal would be heated and those convicted of abortion or adultery would be a victim of this gruesome tool which does as the name suggests. This is also known as the Iron Spider.

2. The Rodent Torture

A rat passing you might get you jumping for cover along with dying screams, but imagine a rodent placed on you and you could do nothing about it. The victim of this torture would be tied to a table and a rodent placed on him. The rat would be enclosed within a metal shield and the shield heated. The rodent’s only escape was to claw or chew through you.

3. The Ultimate Coffin

Here the convicted would be placed into this human shaped coffin and kept under the scorching sun for days. In order to intensify this they would shove the victim into a coffin little smaller than their actual size. The victim would be left there unattended for days to be mauled to death by animals, or worse, die of dehydration.

4. Thumbscrew

Usually used for interrogation or to get a confession out of a person. The person’s thumb would be squished to mince in order to get the desired words out of his mouth. The very thought will get your fingers pricking.

5. Chair Torture

Also meant to get out a confession, this was used to hand out a painful death to the guilty. The convicted would be stripped and made to sit on the chair, the number of spikes based on the type of crime committed. Slowly the spikes would seep into the skin, leaving the person in excruciating pain.

6. Brazen Bull

Those condemned to death would be placed inside this bronze bull that was heated by a furnace till the guilty charred to death with the immense amount of heat in the bull. The Greek modified this bull with a set of tubes that made the condemned sound like an infuriated ox when he moaned because of the excruciating heat.

7. Head crusher

The Chin of the condemned would be placed at the bottom and head held firm, the screw was then turned that lowered the half ball like structure towards the person’s head. Slowly the ball would crush the jaw when tightened, pop the eyes, and finally shatter the head of the condemned with the force the device lays up on it.

8. Pear Of Anguish

Meant to keep the person silent or worse, in torture, the victim would have this pear inserted into their mouth and the petal like structures would expand as the screw is turned, thus choking the victim and leaving him in immense pain.

9. The Judas Chair

Used commonly against people associating with witchcraft, the guilty would be placed on top of this pointy structure such that when left, it would spear through their privates. What is most excruciating to know is that most would die only when the point of the chair ripped through their body and touched their brain.

10. The Rack

With hands and legs attached to rollers, the victim would be stretched to a point where their body is mangled.

11. Breaking Wheel

Also known as the ‘Wheel of death’, the body of the accused would be strapped to the wheel and spun around while being beaten. They would even be left on the wheel under the heat of the sun and also to be mauled by animals or pecked on by birds.

12. Heretics Fork

This is by far the most ghastly neck collar ever. The collar would hold a two sided fork, one side that would meet the chin and the other the chest of the victim. Any movement would result in piercing the neck or the chest.

13. The Crocodile Shear

Man has always known the impact the jaws of a crocodile can have on its prey. Using this very concept the crocodile shear came into existence. This was used on people who attempted to assassinate the king. Their head of the accused was eventually crushed as the jaws came together.

14. The Garrotte torture

The neck of the accused would be wrapped by the iron collar. As the handle was turned the collar would strangle the victim leading to him succumbing of asphyxiation and a broken neck.

15. The Saw

What carpenters use today was one used to split people in half. This torture is blood curdling to even think of. The person would be flipped over and sawed in between his legs to a slow painful death.