Here Are Some Totally Weird, Bizarre, Strange & Unusual Things You Never Knew


How good is your general knowledge?? Well after reading a few of this it will definitely be a little better, maybe after seeing this you can brag to your friends about it. There are a million facts about so much matter that it is physically impossible to know everything, but who said you shouldn’t know at least the fun ones. These are some facts that you will definitely want to tell your friends.

1. Ever called your friend a twit, well for sure he’s neither pregnant or a goldfish, because a twit is what we use to describe a pregnant goldfish. Did you know that??

2. The next time you sneeze make sure it’s loud and clear because suppressing a sneeze could rupture blood vessels in your head and neck, not to mention pop your ear drums, eventually at least.

3. How many hours a day do you wear your headphones?? Because wearing it for a day increases the bacteria in your ear by almost 700 times.

4. So why do we have the Grammy Awards?? Well apparently it was started in the late 1950’s by a bunch of elites to counter the threat rock and roll posed to ‘quality music’. Now who said rock and roll isn’t quality and the Grammy Awards is??

5. How small you think you have you ever been?? No we are not talking about when you were a baby, apparently every human spends half an hour as a single cell. Now that’s how small you were once upon a time.

6. So which is the most intelligent animal on earth apart from humans of course?? The porpoise is your answer.

7. Want to know how your stomach does a little function that keeps you alive?? Well it secretes mucus once in two weeks to prevent it from digesting itself, now that’s weird as hell.

8. Finland banned Donald Duck comics for being too obscene because he doesn’t wear any pants. Poor Finish kids.

9. Leonardo da Vinci had brilliant bilateral co-ordination, he could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time. No wonder he’s one of the best artist that ever lived.

10. Guinness Book of Records holds a record itself, it is known for being the most stolen book from public libraries ever. Now that is a popular record worth having, doubt they’ll put it in the book though.

11. Cut the head off a cockroach?? Not good enough, it can live for a few weeks even with the head cut off.

12. Who said you need balls to cause destruction?? Adolf Hitler had only one of them and caused such a catastrophe.

13. Have you ever seen green coke?? Well it would be if not for the black color that is added to it in the final stages of manufacturing.

14. While we use visors, glasses and so on to protect our eyes from sand, ever wondered what camels have in the desert?? Well they have three eyelids to solve that problem.

15. Your body can produce enough energy to produce an atomic bomb, all you have to do is fart constantly and consistently for 9 months plus 6 years. Now imagine the destruction you can cause.

16. Your biceps, thighs and all which help you do all the hard work of lifting and moving is unfortunately not the strongest muscle in your body, your tongue is.

17. There are only two species that have sex to gain pleasure, they are humans and dolphins, for the rest it is just a means for reproduction.

18. Ever wanted to be in a village with no traffic?? Well its time you moved to the Dutch village Giethoorn, here there is an absence of roads, walking and boating through their footbridges and canals are your only means of transport. I smell peace here.

19. Well the ants have proven that they have the widest expanse when it comes to empires, Scientist have found a single colony that expands through three continents, namely Europe, west coast of U.S and Japan.

20. What if you were in a town where everyone laughed constantly and simultaneously?? Well that happened in Tanzania, an epidemic broke out and apart from rashes, fainting and pain the whole town was in a burst of laughter that lasted almost a year in 1962. Now that’s what you call having a jolly time.

21. Well a giraffe does not wait for the 15th day of its mate’s period to get to business and make a family, it head butts the female until it urinates, the smell and taste will conclude all that the giraffe needs to know. From then it’s action time.

22. Potatoes have been used to Improve Wi-fi signals on planes. Why?? The have the ability to absorb signals effectively and improve wireless connectivity.

23. Need a well paying job?? Meet Robert Samuel the man who earns $1000 a week just by standing in queue for people.

24. Females outlive males in probably every mammal species.

25. Simultaneously the human brain can remember only four things at a time. Now that is called brain storming.

26. Not the mouth but it’s the feet butterflies use to taste.

27. Call this a flop or whatever, but the first bomb dropped on Germany in Berlin  in World War II by the allies only managed to kill an elephant in the zoo.

28. Well remember this, if you ever get caught by the jaws of a crocodile, nothing apart from poking it’s eyes with your thumb is going to save you and get free whatever you have got caught, from its clutch.

29. A 11 year old at one point was the head of the church, yes, he was the pope and the youngest ever in history.