How To Turn Your House Into An Ant Free Zone!


You’ve just made a Butter-Jam grill Sandwich, and the phone in the living room rings. You abandon (for the time being though) the poor little sandwich on the kitchen slab and rush towards the phone. The conversation gets over, you return to your kitchen and ALAS! , your sandwich has attracted a whole army of tiny eaters. Ants, these largely disliked little things are called, and are headquartered mainly in kitchens with branches spanning across bathrooms to bedroom wardrobes. So is there a way you can end this war between you and hundreds of these soldiers and emerge victorious?

Before you panic, and dial the pest control guys number, you need to understand that you are quite well equipped with domestic arms and ammunitions stored well within the confines of your home.

1. Consumer products are angels
Things like Salt, Chalk, lemon juice, Cayenne Pepper, sticky tape and Petroleum Jelly make great Ant killers.

– Spraying vinegar through water guns on cracked wall and other bigger surfaces help getting rid of ants.

– Ants hate citrus, so squeezing lemon at densely populated Ant territories or leaving orange peels at appropriate places, especially frames of doors and windows will shoo them away.

– Applying petroleum jelly at the edges of food containers is another measure to keep Ants at bay.

– Salt is a very strong Ant deterrent, sprinkle it wherever required and you will reap the benefits.

2.  Don’t be lazy , clear the sink

If you’ve just had a heavy dinner, and also are a couch potato, who’s just too lazy to wash the dishes, then you better think about continuing being one. Dirty vessels in your sink are great breeding grounds for Ants. The least you can do to avoid cribbing at a later point, is to take some time out of your schedule to wash your dishes, be it the ceramic plates with stains or those small glass bottles with traces of sticky pickle on them.
If your maid is on a short vacation, you better wipe/clean your floors, which will keep ants away and help you losing a bit of flab too.

3. Be a diplomat, don’t disappoint the tiny creatures either
If you think you don’t have the heart to use any brutal methods to get rid of the ants, you can always make a peace offering. Leaving a bowl of honey outside the house will draw them out of the house very well!

4. Tequila, help me out

You might have heard of Tequila being a good anti septic, but here’s another use of the drink you love. If you have 2 bottles of that in your refrigerator, then it’s better to spare one of them to kill   ants. Yes, it sounds very inhuman and pretty hard for any tequila devotee to do that, but pouring it on affected areas actually makes a big differences.

5. Baby Powder
Did you know that those fancy looking bottles at baby Stores are great firewalls to safeguard you against ants?

If you want to prevent ants to hide in your baby’s clothes and bite them, use a bit of the toddler’s talcum powder to shoo them off. Sprinkle powder at entry/exit points of your house and see the wonders for yourself.

6. Boric Acid
Boric acid can be sprinkled using basters, along cracks or openings in walls or door frames, which might pave way for ant intrusion.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

Also known as diatomite or DE, is siliceous sedimentary rock which can be broken down into a fine powder, which makes it easy to use as an ant deterrent. Sprinkling across the perimeter of your ants should be rewarding.

8. Attack the hills
Ants usually create a paradise for themselves in the form of an ant hill. It is usually located in the exteriors of the house, and they are usually nested here. Demolishing this hill directly would perhaps be the dumbest thing to do.

There are two ways of destroying them:
(a)    A mixture of camphor oil and alcohol should be poured over the hill , this might leave the ants dead in a while. Later, destroy the nest
(b)    Pouring loads of boiled water over the ant hill, would not only kill the ants, but would also make the hills moist, to destroy them.

9. ‘Spicing’ your way to an ant free house
Spices and herbs not only contribute to the preparation of a delicious meal, but come to your rescue to restrict ants.

Aroma of cinnamon and black pepper sprinkled around the home and bay leaves placed in drawers and closets is a great precautionary measure.

10. Coffee, beyond romantic conversations

Grounded coffee, yet another powdered, aromatic extract, comes in handy to keep the dreaded insects outside the peripheries of your abode.

Before you grab that hazardous pesticide from the nearest store, search your cabinets and drawers. At the end of it, when you see the menacing army dead in your house, clear your throat to sing the famous pink panther song- ‘Dead Ant, Dead Ant, Dead Ant’.