The Most Unexpected & Shocking Sports Deaths Ever


All these celebrated sportstars have undying passion for what they do and have lived for the game, sadly some have died playing the sport they love. The end of these personalities shook the world of sports, they of all knew the risk involved in taking part in their respective sport and they took it, not worrying if it would be their last. Today we pay respect to these gentlemen who died fulfilling their passion and died while doing it. These are 15 sports fatalities that shook the world. Our respect goes out to their friends, families and fans who meant the world to these personalities.

1. Manchester United
Feb 6th 1958, turned to be the darkest day in history for Manchester United fans and following, following a plane crash over Munich claiming the lives of 23 people including players, coaching staff and general staff

2. Roland Ratzenberger
On April 30th, 1994 the day before the passing of the great Arton Senna, Roland slammed his car against the wall at 195 miles per hour ending his promising career and life

3. Arton Senna
Possibly the greatest formula one racer in history, On May 1st ,1994 three time champion crashed into a wall at San Marino Circuit at 135miles per hour while leading the race, succumbing to skull fractures. His death was mourned over the world and caused a complete shutdown in Brazil in honor of the legend.

4. Adam petty
On 12th May, 2000 Adam petty’s death tragically ended the “Petty” legacy in Nascar when his throttle got stuck forcing his death against a wall at 115miler per hour.

5. Hank Gathers
On March 4th 1990 , This basketball player died 6 minutes into the second quarter of cardiac arrest, he had earlier refused heart treatment as it made him feel sluggish.

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6. Bill Masterdon
On January 15nth, 1968 the American-Canadian Minnesota center died of brain hemorrhage after his head hit the ice, a memorable trophy has been given to players in Minnesota for perseverance on his behalf.

7. Ray Chapman
On August 17nt, 1920 died after been hit on the head by a pitch from Carl Mays at Yankees. He was taken to the hospital and died 12 hours post the hit.

8. Sergei Zholtok
On November 3rd, 2004 playing for his native Latvia during the lockout season of 2004-05. Playing for HK Riga, Zholtok headed to the locker room late in a game and collapsed, dying of heart failure.

9. Kumaritashvili
A luger from the republic of Georgia, died during a training run on 12th Feb 2010, his fatal crash at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver became a global story as it took place on the same day as the opening ceremony.

10. Frankie Cambell
One of the most illustrated boxers with 33 wins in 40 bouts ,Frankie was killed in the 5th round when Max baer detached his brain from his skull with a punch after being knocked down in the second round by frankie.

11. Berry Paret
Berry Paret was the first Cuban to win a welterweight title only to die losing it to Griffith seven months later, Paret slipped it to a coma after a punch and succumbed to head injuries 10 days later on April 3rd, 1962. His death was later televised causing major controversy.

12. Marco Simoncelli
On October 23rd 2011, the Motoracing Italian died on the Malaysian Grand prix circuit after he fell and his helmet fell of followed by two other riders running over him, his death sent shock waves across the motor world.

13. Roger Nelson
On June 7th, 2003, the founder of skydive Chicago was killed in a skydiving accident. He was landing his parachute with a group of skydivers when another jumper collided with his parachute, causing it to collapse. Nelson then fell about 50 feet and received fatal injuries.

14. Sergei Chalibashvili
On July 16nth, 1983 this Russian diver dies of head injuries after he hit his head on the diving board attempting a 3 and a half sommersault.

15. Ian Folley
Ian Folley an English cricketer dies after having a heart attack after being hit by a cricket ball in August 30th, 1993.