These Urban Legends Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!


Urban legends have always prevailed since man could tell stories. Races, tribes and civilizations have followed the tales and legends of their ancestors. They are stories that one have heard but can’t put a fact on and have been passed from generation to generation. What is now a term for horror and entertainment was back in the time told out of great respect. Today we are going to let out a few creepy tales and legends that will chill your bones. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Once there was a family, a father, his wife and their son. The family stayed close to a so called reputed psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, a friendly chap, in general, came to know the family quite well. Meeting and greeting his new neighbors whenever they passed him. He noticed that the wife was pale and haggard, a constant burdened look on her face. Another strange thing that came to his notice was the nature of their son, only hearing about him, never seeing, and the doctor then realized that the son was not much of an outdoor man. For most of the day and most days he stayed confined within the four walls of his room. Every day the doctor would hear the mother scream her heart out at the son, day after day the ritual would be repeated until one day the husband asked the doctor to pay them a visit. The doctor the next day did in fact go to meet them; the mother then guided him to the son’s bedroom. On opening the door the doctor’s jaw dropped when the mother stripped the sheet off her son’s body. All he saw was a faceless mannequin; the father then said “it is not the son, but my wife that I wanted you to see”.

2. For hostel students residing on the ULCA campus, students had a tradition to induct themselves to the campus. The induction involved all the students screaming simultaneously on the corridor of the campus. They all did as per the tradition instructions. The next day turned horrific for all the students as one was raped at the time where hundred screams wrapped the campus, with the victim’s falling unnoticed. Since then the tradition has been banned on the campus.

3. For a girl and boy, their trip to the woods was one that turned regretful. On ignoring claims of the creepiness that captivates the woods, the couple made their way there to spend some time alone. Horror struck when the boy stepped out into the isolated woods to take a leak. Time passed and the girl sat in the car waiting for her lover’s return. A strange shadow then caught the eye of the girl, who, then turned the ignition immediately to flee the spot. She then heard squeaking sounds on the hood of the car that furthermore induced panic within her. On trying to move the car she realized that the back was roped to a tree, on trying to move ahead still, she heard her lover scream for his life and then a snap. The lover was hung from the tree over the car with the same rope that held the car. The squeaking was the boy’s shoes rubbing against the hood. Who was responsible for the crime is still a mystery.

4. A young girl travelled the metro at night, the train, practically deserted because of the odd travel time had only a woman and two men on it, apart from the girl. The girl then noticed that the woman, sitting in front of her, was staring at her. She couldn’t see her eyes because of the hood she was wearing, but her head looked and faced constantly at the girl. The two men sat on either side of the lady, motionless and with no expression. The next stop another man paced into the train and sat right beside the girl, a few minutes passed and he leaned towards the girl and whispered” trust me and walk out with me at the next stop”. The girl then reluctantly followed the man out at the next station. The train sped away and the man revealed that the woman in front of her was dead and the two men beside her were holding her up.

5. Vows exchanged already, it was time for a party. The attendees along with the couple enjoyed their drunken night of celebration, and after dancing it was time for a game of hide and seek. The groom was ‘it’ and had to do the catching. Excited, they all hid, everyone caught but the bride. Hours passed and the bride still did not show herself. The groom furiously stormed out thinking that the bride had changed her mind and seeked the opportunity to leave. Time flew by and the cleaning lady of the place went to the attic to clean. A box was there, and after dusting it she decided to open it. To her shock she found the bride, her face stuck in shock and her body half decomposed. Whether it was a murder or mistake is still unknown.

6. In the wee hours of the morning a lady pulled by the gas station to fill her car. The lady did as per normal and paid the attendee at the bunk a sum of $20. The attendee who had abnormally shrieked at first sight of the car then told the woman that her money was fake and that she had to meet his boss to discuss the situation. The women furiously stepped out of the car and the attendee then said that he was lying and tried to get her out of the car because there was a man at the back of her car hiding with a hatchet.

7. Two sisters were at home one night on a cold winter night. The snow had been battering whole day and they were tucked in and watching a movie together. Soon enough the smaller sister went upstairs and called it a night. The older one returned down to watch more. While she was, she saw a man through the window glass walk towards her from the outside and pulling out a sharp object. The girl panicked and called the cops. The cops cordoned off the area and tried to nab this man. They were stumped to find no footprints in the snow and ruled out the possibility of the man escaping so fast in such fierce weather conditions. They then searched the house only to notice footprints in the house leading up to the couch the girl was seated on. The man was in the house all the time.

8. A wild life photographer once went alone in the woods to get those picture perfect snaps to establish oneself. This was not the first time that she had gone alone and had done it many a time and was not even afraid. All was good as she started to work and at night she set up a tent to camp. She carried four rolls of film for the camp to capture enough material to take back. The trip was done with no shock and awe, but before she left she scrolled through her photos before setting back home. What she saw traumatized her for the rest of her days, leaving her speechless for months together. On each roll, she found a picture of herself sleeping in the tent.

9. Isabelle and her sister Maisle aged 11, were in the woods next to their house one day. Isabelle was an amateur photographer and ventured to get some good clicks. The whole day she noticed her sister Maisle being strange and talking to a person who was not present.  At one point Isabelle noticed her sister look like she was trying to fight someone off and struggle, on being humored by her antics she decided to take a photo of her. The next moment Isabelle felt a force that knocked her out. On waking up she was found cradling a skull. The skull then taken to the lab matched the one of her sister. The photograph was the last sighting of Maisle.

10. The Mel’s hole in Washington is one that people believe is the source of life. The owner of this 9 feet wide pit put a fishing line to find the bottom of it. The line went 15 miles and still did not reach the bottom. The hole apparently occasionally shoots out black rays and once a man threw his dead dog into it, only to find it alive in the woods.

11. A couple purchased a castle once and out of excitement investigated every little corner of it. To their surprise the found a few beer kegs in the basement. All were dry except one. The kegged it only to realize that it was brandy. Shocked with its unique taste and the possibility of its age they served it to all guests at their house warming party. Once the keg was over the couple felt that it was too heavy to be empty and suspected treasure within the keg. On cutting it open they found a dead body all shriveled up. Talk about age and the unique taste now.

12. It was a gloomy day at the train station and a girl was standing on the platform waiting for her train. Beside her on a bench was an old woman who was muttering something to herself, swinging her hands and legs back and forth. The girl pushed closer to hear the mutter of the old lady and presumed it was something like” 21, 21, 21”. The girl asked what was it she meant only to get no response. The train was in sight of arriving when the lady started saying 22,22,22, the girl on hearing it twisted her head to see the old woman only to find her just behind her smiling and muttering the same number, the train approached even closer and the lady pushed the girl onto the tracks.

13. There once lived a wealthy farmer who had six children. He had plenty of property and built a barn and named it after each child. His wife was pregnant with the seventh and while giving birth she died and so did the unborn baby. The farmer was so grieved that he took all his children to the seventh barn and killed them and hung himself. The property over time was sold to various people except the seventh barn. In 1977 an Ohio teacher took his son and located this barn. His idea was to catch some paranormal activity in the barn. The next day the wife of the teacher alerted the cops on them missing. The cops on receiving the compliant rushed to the spot and found their car parked by the roadside. On entering the barn they found the teacher and his son hanging from the rafters.

14. Apparently the Amen Ra was aboard the Titanic when it sank to the ground. The Amen Ra is a mummy and has brought grate misfortune to its previous owners. Finally it was decided that it would be placed in a museum and chipped from England to the US. The mummy lived up to its name by killing 1500 people on its last voyage, The Titanic.