Some Of The Weirdest Customs From Around The World!


Just when we thought we’ve seen it all and nothing could ever baffle us, we’re proven dead wrong once again. We humans never cease to surprise each other with our idiosyncratic tendencies, guess that’s what keeps things from turning mundane in this world. This is clear when we see how different we are to other countries in our cultures and traditional practices. These practices with their bizarre elements leave us dazed to say the least. But, as the old American saying goes “Different strokes to different folks” is what this world is comprised of. It’s all about perception. What we perceive as sensible might not be perceived in a similar way by others…we all have our weird quirks. Just take a look at these bizarre customs from around the world…

1. Placenta smoothie
Don’t be deceived by the name. This is not some exotic fruit named after a waste product in the body. This is the waste product. Some cultures like in china partake in the ritual as they believe it expedites afterbirth healing process. You can consume it as a solid or turn it into a smoothie. We must say, getting right back on the horse never looked this unappealing

2. Abducting the bride
No, this is not the title of a dime novel. The old gypsy tradition of kidnapping the bride right beneath the groom’s nose and holding her for ransom which is usually for a bottle of whisky still persists- frankly we would aim higher- although it sounds barbaric it’s pursued with good intentions by the wedding party and she doesn’t seem terrified.

3. Tossing babies
Sounds like a good time to contact CPS doesn’t it?? But people of solapur village in Maharashtra believe it brings good luck to the baby if you toss them off a terrace from a 500ft tower. There are people on the foot of the tower waiting with a sheet to catch the baby. You really are lucky if you could survive a 500ft fall without succumbing to broken bones or even worse fate.

4. Say no to fork in Thailand
In Thailand using fork to consume food is frowned upon instead it’s used to push the food around to a spoon. Sure seems like a lot of work to eat.

5. When in Venezuela, be tardy
Here’s some good news for all you tardy people, move to Venezuela. This is one place where being on time is viewed as a sign of disrespect.

6. Russian drinking game
In this traditional Russian drinking game the Russians need to prepare a bottle of vodka for three and imbibe until one of the three passes out. Refusing to participate is considered highly disrespectful. Hey we’re game to any sport in Russia that doesn’t involve a gun and one bullet. So here’s to Russia!

7. Spitting for luck
Don’t be offended if an old man spits at your baby in Greece. It’s viewed as good luck to ward off evil spirits harboring in the vicinity.

8. Polterabend
In this unusual German pre-wedding custom, guests assemble at bride’s home in order to break porcelain tiles, dishes and other objects, as it is considered to bring good tidings for the couple. It might seem like a waste but you’ve got to admit it sounds therapeutic to break things and not be judged.

9. Dead men walking
In many cultures afterlife is a sacred subject and Indonesians are no strangers to this belief. Families, who can’t afford a burial, choose to bury their dead ones in a temporary coffin. when proper funding has been acquired they raise their dead from the temporary burying post and walk them to their new resting place. Looks eerie but it’s true.

10. Kanamara matsuri
This Japanese tradition involves holding a phallic themed parade to ensure fertility for everyone. They hoist a giant wooden phallus into the air and March across the town to ensure fertile crops for the season. The entire family gets involved in the procession. Many of them may view this as a disgraceful tradition but for the Japanese it’s just one big party to celebrate family. What fun!