These Are The Weirdest Museums You’ll Ever Come Across! Especially #2 & #8


A museum, to most people, is a building that houses artifacts that form part of the history of a region. They educate us about our roots and where we come from. If this logic were to be extended to its limits then we would end up with museums dedicated to some very, very, odd things and that is exactly what this list is all about!

1. The Parasite Museum
Located in Tokyo, this museum contains all the different parasites and explains how they attack their host. This museum is also the home of a 50 foot tapeworm that was pulled out of a woman’s stomach.

2. Arlington’s Burnt Food Museum
Probably the only place where burnt food is displayed, people send in their burnt dishes to be displayed here.

3. Museum Of Death
Located in Los Angeles, this museum displays everything related to death; from coffins, to execution tools, to photos of crime scenes, and accidents. It is meant to prepare you for your death.

4. The Vulcan Museum
Located in Alberta, this is paradise for all you star trek fans. Live Long & Prosper! 😉

5. Cancun Underwater Museum
Located in Mexico, this museum is unlike anything you’ll ever see because to be able to see the sculptures in this museum, you need to go diving! All the sculptures are made from PH neutral clay allowing an ecosystem to thrive on it. It is also listed as one of the 25 wonders of the world.

6. The Sewer Museum
Now who wouldn’t want to walk around in the sewers in Paris? Over two hundred years old, it is darn interesting if you are interested in engineering and how the sewer system functions in the fashion capital of the world. This is one unusual tourist attraction but informative and interesting.

7. Museum Of Questionable Medical Devices
Located in downtown Minneapolis, this is possibly the most fun and hilarious museum to be at. To see the medical devices that were used back in the day will crack you up. From breast enlargement to anti-ageing, this museum has a device for all that will help cure you.

8. Penis Museum
Go to Iceland and you will get to see the penis’s of most creatures of Iceland. From trolls, elves, blue whales to mice.

9. Museum of Broken Relationships
This Croatian museum started in 2007 and swiftly drew attention from all over the world. All the items here come with a story of the relationship and why it did not work out. Needless to say, you’re going to find a lot of broken items here.

10. Human Disease Museum
Located in Australia, this museum thrives on diseases and their types. It displays items and tissues that are infected by diseases, the way the disease progresses, the tools used and the preventive measures to avoid it. Informative but gross at times.

11. Ventriloquism Museum
If you’re scared of small creepy dolls this museum will freak you out. Some of these have been donated by famous artists around the globe like Jeff Dunham and so on. What started as a hobby, turned into one brilliant museum.

12. Dog Collar Museum
This museum in Leeds has over 100 dog collars that span 5 centuries. Now this is by far the coolest dog collar collection ever.

13. Lawnmower Museum
Located in Britain, this museum contains over 200 antic lawnmowers including the very first lawnmower.

14. UFO Museum
New Mexico apparently witnesses a UFO crash in 1947. Since then are 51 and Roswell where the centers of controversies involving aliens. This museum contains what they claim to be of the aliens. Pretty cool place to visit though.

15. Museum Of Criminal Anthropology
Well if you can digest looking at the faces of criminals and their tools they used to kill, this is the place. This is based on criminal anthropology relating the person’s facial features to his instinct to kill. This strange yet captivating museum is located in Turin, Italy.