The Weirdest Road Signs Ever! Why The Hell Were They Even Put Up!


It’s hard enough to get around to places without getting lost in in the process. So we’re ever so grateful to those sign makers who strive to make our travels go smoothly. Well almost, deciphering certain signs makes you want to pull your hair out by the roots. Here are some of the most bemusing signs you’ve ever seen, it’s bound to throw you off the road.

1. Does that sign say follow reapers lead?? You can see why I am confused here

2. Watch out!! Killer moose ahead

3. Do we really need a sign for that?? Talk about a no brainer

4. That’s one bumpy road

5. Be wary of a hybrid mosquito attacking humans

6. So you pay before or after succumbing to your death??

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7. Apology accepted!!!


9. My money’s on the cow…what about you??

10. That sure looks like fun

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11. How thoughtful is that. A sign just for us drunks

12.  Awkward…..

13.  Watch out for skiing kangaroos?????

14.  It’s not just us humans who break out of prison…case and point

15.   Which way is it?? That’s one conflicted sign…

16. That looks like Dead man walking…

17. Turtle crossing …sit back and relax…this is going to take forever

18. The most literal sign ever…a tad bit insensitive but apt

19. This signs all about the tough love

20. We do need more signs like these…

21. You’re just asking for it with a sign like that

22.  Wait, what? That’s the most dangerous sign on the list

23.  Suicidal bird ahead…proceed with caution

24.  YEAH!!! Because wheelchairs on slopes always end up in the crocs belly…

25. That sure doesn’t look like any duck we’ve ever seen

26.   Big foot on the prowl

27. Oh… that was quick and I mean really quick…it’s almost like they didn’t even need a sign for it

28.  Need I say more