These Are Some Of The Weirdest Things Ever Sent By Mail & #4 Tops Them All!


It may come as no surprise to you that people have tried to mail some really strange things through the mail service but still, what some of these people managed to send is beyond amazing!

1.  A 45.52 carat Diamond
Harry Winston, a New York jeweler has to post this diamond to the Smithsonian Institution and decided that the safest way to transport it was through mail. The mail cost him a little over $2 while the insurance for it was $142,85.

2. Diseases and Dead Animals
Miss Daisy from the New York post reported dead animals being sent to taxidermists and strains of diseases were shipped to Physicians of the National health board.

3. A cat

4. An entire bank
William H. Coltharp in the year 1916 wanted to build a bank in Utah and he figured that the cheapest way to transport bricks from Salt Lake City was through mail. So he mailed 40 tons of brinks through mail, after this came the limit of post weight to 200 pounds per person.

5. Deer tibia, a large wheel of rancid cheese, and dead fish

6. A hot Shepard’s Pie

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7. A live Hamster

8. Bees, Chickens and Scorpions… no one, we know of, may have sent these but apparently it is possible to send them by mail!

9. A Campervan

10. Prosthetic Arm

11. Kid Mailed to his Grandma for a visit.

12. Mailed to Freedom
On March 29, 1849 Henry Brown came up with an ingenious plan to escape slavery. He packed himself in a crate and had himself mailed to James Miller McKim, an abolitionist, who lived in Philadelphia.