Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Installed?


If you are considering installing home security cameras, then you want to be sure that you are placing the cameras in an areas where they will be most effective at protecting your home from potential intruders. Certain areas of the home are more prone to attract intruders than others, says video surveillance expert from Video Nadzor, so you want to place your cameras wisely to get the most use out of them. In this article, we will go over why you should install your security cameras in the following areas:

  • All doors of the home
  • The driveway leading to the home or garage
  • Any windows facing away from the street
  • Any Exterior Stairway

All Doors of the Home

Doors are obviously the most accessible part of the home, making it easy to enter and exit in a way that doesn’t draw any unwanted attention or alarm. It is no surprise, then, that most intruders will check all of the home’s doors to see if they are unlocked before they attempt another method to enter the property.

Installing security cameras at the front, back, and side doors of the home will let you see if if any attempts are being made to check the locks while you are away or sleeping. It may seem obvious, but just about anyone who wants to break into the home is going to try the easiest method first so that they aren’t noticed by neighbors or cars passing by.

The Driveway Leading to the Home or Garage

It is an all too common mistake for homeowners to leave the door from their garage unlocked when they lock the front and back doors. Unfortunately, intruders know this and will often attempt to enter the home through the garage.

The door leading into the home has another advantage as well – it is hidden from sight once the garage door is closed. Even if they have to work to unlock or break this door, the intruder will be hidden form onlookers and can work unsuspiciously to enter the property.

Placing a security camera pointing down your driveway will allow you to see if an intruder tries to get into the garage itself. The driveway is an easy and obvious ways for people to approach the home, so you want this to be one of the first things that your security cameras notice.

Any Windows Facing Away from the Street

While security cameras at any window of the home will help you spot a potential break-in, the most important windows to have them installed in are the ones that can’t be seen from the street. Windows that face bushes or a tree line, a fence, or a private yard all make for great and hidden options for a potential intruder.

Unlike simply walking right through the front door, climbing through a window looks suspicious and definitely catches the eye of neighbors and passing cars. Intruders know this, so they are far more likely to try to enter the home through a window that is more difficult for anyone to see.

A security camera installed on the windows that aren’t facing the street will catch intruders when they are trying to be the sneakiest and not gain unwanted attention. We highly recommend this placement.

Any Exterior Stairway

Some homes have stairways that lead to balconies, raised porches, or decks. In most cases, these areas lead to a door or window that could easily grant an intruder entrance into the home.

An intruder may see a raised entrance as a less visible or suspicious option than the windows or doors on the ground floor or in an uncovered area. Having a security camera installed on the exterior stairway will allow you to see anyone who attempt to gain access to these areas in hopes of breaking into the home itself.