You’ve heard Of Cricket & Football World Cups But Now Its Time To Look At Something A Bit… Different


Whether we realize or not, all humans have always been part of competitions in every step of life. Right from birth, to getting better grades than our classmates and even scaling up the ranks at work. We also engage ourselves in sports and other competitions as a way of recreation. However, here are few crazy ones which surpass all the ideas of such challenges.
1. Toe Wrestling

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Discovered by four drinkers in 1976, lot of people flock Derbyshire, UK, every year to participate in this competition. The contenders are supposed to take off even their socks and participate barefoot.

2. Midget Tossing

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This weird competition involves a beefy wrestler and a dwarf, usually held at a bar. The bulky guy uses all his strength to throw the midget as far as he can. Yes, of course, the midget is protected by a harness.

3. Air Guitar World Championship

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Since 1996, this competition is held every year at Finland as a part of the Oulu music video festival. You might wonder which strings do these guys.

4. Iron Crotch Competition

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This age old Chinese practice requires strong genitals. While one end of a rope or a string is tied to a heavy object, the other end has to be attached to the genitals. The heavy weight has to be pulled by the genitals.

5. Extreme Ironing

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The participants have to iron their clothes under the most difficult circumstances. On a lighter note, this can also be a new form of punishment for those who are lazy to iron their stuff at home.

6. Paris Hilton Obituary Writing Competition

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Is there anything more to say? LOL!

7. Dead Possum Dressing Contest

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Kids had to dress up dead possums in this weird fundraising competition organized by an Australian school.

8. Bra Removal Competition

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Organized by a mall in China, this competition helps men to unhook bras faster. The usual targets is to remove 8 of them within 60 seconds.

9. Acrobat building competition

This tough one requires people to climb over each other’s shoulders and balance themselves to form human towers.

10. Edible Boat Race

Instead of quickly eating up fruits and vegetables, the participants have to use them to make boats.

11. Chaotic Room Competitions

Will you dirty an entire room to win a USB powered microscope.

12. Naki Sumo

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A Sumo challenge with a difference. The opponents are supposed to hold babies, and have to make them cry. The one who achieves this faster, wins the competition

13. Air Sex World Championship

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This crazy competition originated at Austin, and is now being held at various cities. It is judged by a team of SEXPERTS which includes adult movie stars, comedians and sex shop owners.

14. Wife Carrying Competition

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This annual competition held at Finland, involves a man carrying his wife on the shoulder and moving around a track which is more than 200 meters long. Lot of hurdles are placed on this path.

15. Areca Climbing

This competition involves climbing over poles made of Areca nut tree chunks. Its conducted to celebrate Indonesian independence day. The climbers have to scale their way up to reach all the goodies which are kept right on top. The challenge? The poles are oiled making it slippery and difficult for a competitor to move up.

16. Orange throwing Challenge

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This Italian game is much similar to the Tomato festival held each year at Spain. If someone doesn’t want to become the target of the fruit, he/she can just wear a red hat.

17. World’s Ugliest Dog Challenge

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This takes place every year at California, U.S. It’s not just beauty that always brings fame and money.

18. World Beard Challenge

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Men need to just grow their facial hair, but in a really creative manner. Hanging hairy replicas of London Bridge and other famous wonders are very common.

19. Mud Pool Soccer

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Soccer players need to battle it out in a thick pool of mud and get really dirty, in this competition which is held outside the town of Hyrynlsalmi, Finland.

20. Backward Running Competition

The British are now the proud discoverers of a new competition other than Cricket and soccer.

21. Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

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30 grown adults run down a hill to grab rolling cheese. The steep path makes the task tougher.

22. Bognor Birdman

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In this competition held at the seaside resort of Bognor, the participant has to jump from the edge of a platform, as far as possible,by using hanging gliders. Eventually all participants would fall down into the water, but the person who covers the maximum distance will be awarded.

23. World Sauna Competition

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People don’t mind sitting at the sauna, but will you dare to get roasted at a temperature of 110 degrees to win a challenge?